The Creator and Leader

“Not all Heroes wear capes”

We created the lifestyle brand Not Vegan Friendly to make a clear and concise statement to say that ‘it’s ok NOT to be Vegan’ and make a few people smile in the process. Our branding also has accurate labelling to state that some of our products are ’Not Vegan Friendly’.

James (Director) has over 20 years experience as a Fitness Professional, transforming thousands of bodies, focussing his scientific knowledge on a balanced diet, to give people unbiased facts and it is this awareness that has driven James to promote the ’Not Vegan Friendly’ concept.

A final statement from James:

“Sadly, as a result of pro-Vegan publicity, good ethical farmers and farming have suffered immensely. As our brand grows, we also want to continue with our support of the British Farming Industry and its ethical farming.”

Your feedback, support and anything we can do to help is always welcome. Feel free to drop us an E-mail.

Enjoy the website and have a browse at our range of lifestyle products. Remember ….. if you can say something is Vegan Friendly it’s ok to say it’s Not Vegan Friendly. 

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