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4-in-1 Probiotic Protein
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4-in-1 Probiotic Protein

Our Not Vegan Friendly 4-IN-1 PROBIOTIC PROTEIN is a specially formulated blend of 4 premium protein sources in optimum ratios designed to provide muscles with a far better and more sustained supply of nourishment then could be attained from a regular shake.
The addition of Probiotic Enzymes increases the effectiveness of digestion and optimises utilisation of the protein. It also boasts a delicious rich taste and smooth texture few can match!
4-IN-1 PROBIOTIC PROTEIN is an optimum blend of:
•    Whey Protein Concentrate
•    Pure Whey Protein Isolate
•    Egg Albumen
•    Micellar Casein

Serving size: 30g (Approx. one scoop)
Servings per container: 30 (907g) / 75 (2.25kg)
Suggested use: Mix 1 scoop (approx. 30g) with 200ml water or skimmed milk. For best results consume within 45 minutes of a training session. Take up to 2 servings per day.

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